Unfurnished 3 bedroom (3DK) apartment for 80000yen/month.
Can be semi furnished for 87000yen/month: washing machine, refrigerator, curtains, lights, gas cooking range.

AC and heating units installed in 2 of the bedrooms.

utilities are additional (gas/electricity/water/1000yen per month insurance)
futon bedding sets optional at 10000yen/set
6month minimum stay requirement

3rd floor south facing apartment.
53 square meter apartment
Has a shopping street 6min from building.
Convenience stores 2min from building.
11minute walk to Nagai subway station, 6 minutes to Tennoji area, 11minutes by subway to Namba station (11 min walk to Nankai Koya train line, Sumiyoshi Higashi station).

6 tatami mat bedroom, 4.5 tatami mat 2nd bedroom, 5 tatami mat in size flooring 3rd bedroom, 7 tatami mat in size flooring dining/kitchen.
Separated bath, toilet areas.

NO Key money, No guarantors, No sales fees, No lock changing fees, No cleaning fees (must clean the apartment though before moving out, if not cleaned enough a 35000yen fee will be charged)
No Service fees, No Maintenance fees, No Support fees
¥ 80 ,000

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alexander Barnhoorn
Nagai, Sumiyoshi-Ku, Osaka city
3DK Nagai, 80000yen/month, 3rd floor apartment3DK Nagai, 80000yen/month, 3rd floor apartment3DK Nagai, 80000yen/month, 3rd floor apartment