Owner nearing retirement and very motivated to sell. Franchise school with students for sale in an education-oriented area of Kobe. Located a few minutes from the local JR station.

School is bright, attractive, furnished well and now open 3.5 days a week during which about 16 hours are occupied. The area allowed me to build my school up to close to 10 million yen per year. As I aged I allowed attrition to reduce the size and keep it manageable with minimal work. As such I suggest this school is a good size for a new owner to easily handle while learning how to best manage the school to suit oneself.

Franchiser provides call centre support for new students and existing students. Also, existing students can book and cancel lessons online 24/7. Good internet positioning brings in potential new students every month.

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¥ 1 ,500 ,000

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English School for Sale in KobeEnglish School for Sale in Kobe