We run an Immersion course at the kindergarten providing both Japanese child education and English lessons in a bilingual environment. It is our 7th year and the Immersion course is getting popular in Settsu, North Osaka area.
Job Description
You will work as a class teacher for children aged 3, team teaching with a Japanese teacher.
• responsible for English lessons
• daily English communication with the kids
• nursery matters in the class
• attending school events
Working conditions
AM 9:30 – PM 2:15 (5.75 hours) / Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
You will be also tasked with visiting other local kindergartens that we have outside accounts with for the purpose of doing English lessons 2 times a week (Mondays and Wednesdays).
The Immersion class hourly rate is 2,000 yen per hour
You will be paid 4,000 yen per day(9:30-12:00) for Outside accounts.
• Weekends and National holidays
There will be some occasional school events to attend on the weekends.
• Annual seasonal holiday (9-10 weeks / year)
Summer holiday 6 weeks
Winter holiday 2.5 weeks
Spring holiday 2 weeks
• Paid holiday provided 10 days
• (12 months division, before deductions below)
• Tax and social wel
¥ 2 ,000

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Settsu Osaka
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