We offer private japanese lessons in our language school in Umeda. 1 hour of private lesson cost 3000 yens. With just 1 lesson per week during 1 year, you can start to use japanese in your job, with your family, in university, for every day life !

We also offer various Activities:
1. Omotenashi Japan! (3,000 yen/hour)
Situation-specific Japanese conversation lesson
Japanese business language lesson
Example: job interview, presentation, meeting, etiquette, doctors, etc.

2. Calligraphy course (6,000 yen, 2 hours)
Introduction of Japanese Kanji and calligraphy - 30 mins
Calligraphy lesson and practice - 1.5 hour

3. Visit Kanji Museum (17,000 yen, 4 hours)
We will meet at our Umeda campus and take train together to Kyoto.
Free talk on the train - 1 hour
Kanji museum tour - 2 hours
Lunch at Japanese restaurant (and shopping assistance if needed) - 1 hour

4. Cool Japan! (12,000 yen, 4 hours)
Learn about Japanese culture based on the topic chosen by you!
Topic examples: Pokemon, anime, maid cafe, idol, NMB48, Johnny’ s ,
Osaka castle/shrine, movies, shopping, food etc.

- Topic-specific Japanese lesson at Umeda campus - 1 hour
- Topic-specific activity (eg. Visit Den-Den town, Osaka
¥ 3 ,000

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BLS Osaka
Japanese private lesson and calligraphy (Osaka-Umeda)Japanese private lesson and calligraphy (Osaka-Umeda)