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Sayonara Sale

Sayonara Sale

Sayonara Sale?


Your Sayonara Sale announcement web page made free of charge!


Are you leaving Japan (or Kansai) and in need of getting rid of your stuff like TV, bed, sofa, or any household items. Either you are selling them or giving them away, you can advertise it in Kasnai Flea Market Online free of charge.

Take photos of items and put them up to free web or blog services and annouce it in this page! Or you do not have time to do it...

We will create your Sayonara Sale Page for you, and we will do it for FREE!



12,000 yen (bought new at 60,000 yen)
Like new (1 year old)

In Nishi-ku, Osaka-city
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Leaving September 20th

This is only an example.
Nobody is selling this sofa for 12,000 yen.

You can send more than one item, of course.
You do not have to take photos of every single items you are selling or giving away. Only a couple or several important items with photos and rest with text listing is fine.

Since it is sayonara sale we will place the page limited period of time, up to 8 weeks or so.

If you are selling them on a business base, we do not offer free page creating. You can still post it in our page free of charge. Please do it yourself.


How to apply:

Just take photos of the items with your mobile phone or digital camera and send them with details as follow:

  • what it is (on each item, such as bed, sofa... just in case we can't figure out what it is.)
  • prices (on each item)
  • condition -how old- (on each item, such as like new, 3 year old, very old but usable, etc...)
  • where about (where you are, or the items are)
  • your contact e-mail address and /or phone number.
  • final date (when to finish)

to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

You get:

  • your sayonara sale web page
  • listed in our "Web site"


  • We may not be able to offer same day service, it might take a several days.
  • More photos you send, more time it takes.
  • What we make may not be as cool as you expect, but it's free.
  • If you are not leaving Kansai Area, or selling items on a business bases, please do not place your message/ advertisement in this "Sayonara Sale" section, you may use "Classifieds" instead.
  • If you are selling only one item that is not furniture or electric appliance, please go to "Classifieds".

Free Web Service (if you would like to make it yourself):

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