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What's available in this site:

  • Classifieds
    Classifieds for English speaking or learning people live in Kansai. It's free to place and you can edit or delete your ad anytime!
  • Sayonara Sale
    When you are leaving Japan (or Kansai), you can announce your Sayonara Sale here for free and get rid of your household items that can not be brought back to your country. If you prefer, we will make your sayonara sale annoucement page free of charge. See details in this page.
    Or if you are new to Kansai, find household items you need here!
  • Friends (外国人の友達を作ろう!)
    Try our new "Personals" specific site FREE!
    There are over 2 million members worldwide, men and women. Many of them live in Japan.
  • Domain Names
    Kansai Flea Market offers domain names, hosting service and pretty much all related services on the Net at one of the cheapest prices in the world, plus free advertising in Kansai Flea Market Publication.